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  • Do things seriously, do well with your heart

    认真做事 用心做好

  • High efficiency, high quality and win-win cooperation

    高效优质 合作共赢

  • Unity, pragmatism, efficiency and innovation

    团结 务实 高效 创新

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About Us

QYD Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd.

QYD Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd. Is a holding enterprise of Qingdao Yuanding Group Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in deSox, deNox, dust removal and other air pollution treatment projects, industrial waste heat power generation and hazardous waste solidification engineering. Using the international advanced technology to completely treat the flue gas without any secondary pollution while the residues can also be treated and disposed harmlessly. The company is committed to the protection and treatment of environment. Focusing on air pollution prevention and energy conservation, relying on the talent advantages of innovative technology, the company provides customers with personalized solutions for air pollution control, so as to meet the growing environmental protection needs of society. The main customer includes the treatment of glass furnace, thermal power plant and coking waste gas..


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