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Dry electric dust removal process

Sodium bicarbonate dry desulfurization, dust removal and denitrification integrated process: firstly, the sodium bicarbonate powder is ground to a certain particle size and sprayed into the desulfurization reactor. After desulfurization, the flue gas enters the bag filter, where the desulfurization ash is removed. The flue gas after desulfurization enters the low-temperature denitration system to complete denitration. The temperature of the purified flue gas is still high, and the heat can be recovered through the waste heat boiler, and then discharged up to the standard.
    The advantage of this technology is that the temperature of the flue gas after desulfurization and dust removal can still ensure low temperature denitration to achieve high efficiency, and the flue gas after desulfurization and dust removal treatment by SCR denitrification is beneficial to prolong the service life of the catalyst and has good economic efficiency. .

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