The first company to complete the ultra-low emission transformation of the State Power Investment Corporation in 2021 is affirmed

Relevant departments of State Power Investment Corporation went to Guizhou Jinyuan to investigate the ultra-low emission retrofit work. The research team affirmed the denitrification ultra-low emission retrofit work of Qianxi Power Plant and proposed to summarize the experience of Qianxi Power Plant and promote it in the system.

Ultra-low emissions are the "heart" of the "3060 Goal", and carbon emissions have become a major strategic issue related to national development. In recent years, Guizhou Jinyuan Qianxi Power Plant has resolutely implemented the Jinping Ecological Civilization Thought, combined with the environmental protection requirements of the national "14th Five-Year Plan" on gas turbine emission limits, and in accordance with the relevant requirements of the State Power Investment and Guizhou Province, has accelerated the development of 600 MW and above The "W" flame boiler unit implements ultra-low emission transformation. The 660 MW ultra-supercritical unit of Qianxi Power Plant No. 5 unit has always maintained the vitality of "green units", constantly innovating and seeking changes, leading development, and actively promoting the progress of China's green development. At the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the factory is taking on the courage of the "second entrepreneurship", embarking on a new journey of high-quality development with the spirit of innovation, means of change, and a forward-looking attitude. Qianxi Power Plant, as the specific implementation unit of ultra-low emission retrofits, comprehensively promotes high-quality transformation and development, and joins hands with coal-fired units across the country to build a green future. It has completed the conceptual design of ultra-low emission retrofit projects in December 2020 and April 2021. Fully start the renovation. The 660 MW denitrification and ultra-low emission renovation will be completed on May 27, 2021. The 660 MW desulfurization and ultra-low emission renovation will be completed by October 31, 2021, and the ultra-low emission renovation of the 300 MW units in service will be implemented subsequently. . After two years of unremitting efforts, the plant has embarked on its own "green road" for ultra-low emission transformation and has cultivated a strong transformation team with "green power" to complete special tasks on schedule and with high quality for 2023, and continue to develop Power, for a long time to work. It is reported that the No. 5 unit of the plant is calculated based on 5,000 utilization hours, and the nitrogen oxide emissions after the transformation have been reduced by nearly 1,000 tons year-on-year.

The research team expressed their affirmation on the ultra-low emission denitrification and ultra-low emission transformation of Qianxi Power Plant and put forward guidance. The first is to set a benchmark and strengthen the demonstration. As the first unit of the group company to complete the denitration transformation of 7 "W" flame" boilers in 2021, Qianxi Power Plant summarizes the experience and promotes it in the system; the second is to improve on-site safety management and punctually Complete the annual ultra-low emission retrofit tasks with quality and quantity; third, plan retrofit work in advance, earnestly grasp environmental protection work, further strengthen coal consumption management, refined unit operation and maintenance, and tap the potential of inventory; fourth, without affecting operation and power generation Next, improve internal control management and complete annual emission targets; fifth, appropriately increase the input of transformation materials to make the equipment do its best to generate electricity. At the same time, adopt effective operation adjustment methods to control and reduce emission targets; sixth, relevant departments must combine the second half of 2021 The central government has made requirements for all-round environmental protection inspections to further improve service and supervision.

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