As the dividend of electric furnace steelmaking is approaching, what are the new trends in reducing pollution and carbon in the iron and steel industry?

National policies to promote the development of electric furnace steelmaking are about to be put in place." Liu Bingjiang, director of the Department of Atmospheric Environment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said on the 17th that these policies include heavy pollution weather emergency and protection of major activities during the period of non-stop production and output of electric furnace steelmaking enterprises No reduction, no increase in water and electricity bills, tax cuts and fee reductions, etc.

"If the two binding indicators for energy conservation and emission reduction for more than ten years have forced the development of electric furnace steelmaking to be insufficiently effective, then the carbon-containing binding indicators will form a combined force of energy-saving, emission-reduction and carbon-reduction'three indicators' to deal with high energy consumption and high pollution. The'three highs' with high carbon emissions." He said.

The "three indicators" mentioned by Liu Bingjiang reflect the new situation facing my country's steel industry. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country's ecological civilization construction has entered a critical period of focusing on carbon reduction, promoting synergy in reducing pollution and carbon, promoting a comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, and realizing the improvement of ecological environment quality from quantitative to qualitative.

How does the iron and steel industry solve the problem of "coordinated efficiency in reducing pollution and carbon"? At the forum, officials from relevant government departments interpreted the policies at close range, and companies tapped the potential of benchmarking, and the amount of information was full.

Key word one: structure adjustment

Liu Bingjiang said that under the current new situation of energy saving, emission reduction and carbon reduction, the high-quality and green development of the steel industry must focus on six aspects, namely, optimizing the industrial structure and layout, process flow structure, charge structure, industrial chain structure, energy structure and transportation structure. .

Speaking of optimizing the structure of the process flow, Liu Bingjiang said that my country’s electric furnace short-process steelmaking has a huge room for development. “The electric furnace steelmaking output accounts for less than 10% of the total crude steel output, while the world average is 24%."

Iron and steel production can be divided into two types: the long process of "blast furnace-converter" using iron ore as the raw material and the short process of electric furnace using scrap steel as the raw material. The latter reduces 1.6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 3 tons of solid waste per ton of steel. The benefits are obvious.

Keyword two: control capacity

"Whether it is technological transformation or upgrade, the key is to reduce production capacity, not empty talk about production, as long as the production capacity is still there, production will continue to follow the trend." Liu Bingjiang said.

He believes that optimizing the industrial structure and layout, eliminating backward and resolving excess capacity are the key to the steel industry to get out of the trough and live a good life, and it is also the basis for the steel industry to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

Liu Bingjiang said that in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the state deployed nationwide steel decapacity "look back" inspections and crude steel output reduction work. "The significance is self-evident and the signal is very obvious."

"Looking back, there are really many problems." Liu Bingjiang warned, "I hope that these steel companies will not stop the entire production chain in order to expand their production capacity due to small losses."

Keyword 3: Re-development

At the meeting, a set of data caught the attention of reporters. He Wenbo, executive chairman of the China Iron and Steel Association, introduced that in 2020, China Steel Association member companies will invest 94.8 billion yuan in fixed assets and 111.8 billion yuan in research and development expenses.

"R&D expenses accounted for about 2.17% of operating income, and most steel companies in the world account for about 1%. This is a remarkable progress." He Wenbo said that the data shows that Chinese steel companies have entered a new stage of development and are prepared and acted. .

He Wenbo believes that to promote carbon neutrality, we still need to find a way out in technological progress and work hard in research and development. "I once again call on the entire industry, scientific research institutions and government departments to determine the key to the future of China’s steel industry and the large-scale cutting-edge technology. In terms of development, we must take the road of collaborative innovation."

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