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CFB semi-dry desulfurization

Sodium bicarbonate dry desulfurization technology is to spray the high-efficiency desulfurizer—sodium bicarbonate into the flue, which is fully mixed with the flue gas through the specially designed gas mixer of our company to enhance the chance of contact between flue gas and sodium bicarbonate. Improve desulfurization efficiency. Sodium bicarbonate undergoes heat transfer and physical and chemical reactions with flue gas in the flue. At the same time, it is activated by heating, the specific surface area increases rapidly, and it fully contacts with the flue gas to absorb and purify the SO2, HCl, HF and other acidic substances in the flue gas. The flue gas passes through the bag filter for gas-solid separation to achieve the purification effect, and the dust content is easy Achieve less than 10mg/Nm3.

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